Slavica Mickovic, RLA, ISA

Senior Landscape Architect/Certified Arborist

Initially swept away by the rolling landscape, innumerable fountains, and elaborate Italian gardens of Tivoli, Slavica found inspiration in the seamless connection between the built terraces and the sequence of natural caves, waterfalls, and trees. What drives Slavica is a desire to design something both meaningful and sustainable. Following the receipt of her Masters in Sustainability in the Urban Environment, Slavica continues her commitment to sustainability through her projects, such as the design for Red Hook Recreational Area’s 1600-foot-long bioswale; the 50-acre, environmentally-sensitive Seaview Senior Housing complex; and the transformation of 55 under-utilized ROW areas into new green spaces across the five boroughs of NYC.

Slavica is a Licensed Landscape Architect in the state of New York and is a Certified Arborist. Once a formally-trained ballet dancer in a past life, she still loves to dance, and will continue to rond de jambe as long as there is a song on and she can still stand upright.



Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1991

Master of Science in Sustainability in the Urban Environment, City College of New York (CUNY), 2015