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Taylor Burgess

Landscape Architect


With a dual focus in Landscape Architecture and Architecture, Taylor comes to ABB with a fresh perspective that considers the intersection of landscapes, buildings, and the urban fabric of our city. His belief is that a successful project is one that is inclusive of all people, welcoming of all backgrounds. His work has ranged from small courtyards to leading the design and management of large-scale projects in Cayman Islands and La Brassus, Switzerland. As a project manager and designer for ABB, Taylor is currently working a vast number of projects across multiple typologies, including Chelsea Waterside Park, Phase 2, Seagirt Boulevard, and Austin 147. Additionally, he is an integral part of ABB’s branding task force and regularly leads the design concept creation and execution for proposals.


Taylor received a Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Architecture from University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science in Architecture at the University of Virginia. His work has twice been featured in World Landscape Architecture Magazine, which focuses on Large Ideas/Large Scale Projects and the ability of landscapes to transform cities. Prior to joining ABB, Taylor worked as both a Landscape Architect and an Architect for several years in New York and Philadelphia.