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NEWS | 1993-2009

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LIC's Field of Dreams Comes Back From the Dead

Curbed New York | October 06, 2009

The new addition to LIC’s Gantry State Park is already being ripped up to put in a new playground. 









DSC06482 copy.jpg

Gantry Plaza Park Gains Six Acres

Queens Chronicle | July 09, 2009

The scent of freshly cut grass, a cool breeze from the East River and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline provided a fitting backdrop as officials unveiled a new six-acre section of Gantry Plaza State Park on July 1.


Hammocks Run Amok on Long Island City Waterfront

Curbed New York | July 01, 2009

It's a big day for Long Island City, as the Queens West waterfront takes a step from casually-accepted planned community to, dare we say, desired urban oasis. As previously reported, the new six-acre section of Gantry Plaza State Park makes its public debut today...

Queens West Final Retouched_Small_180821

The Emerald Coast of Queens

The Architect's Newspaper | June 30, 2009

Designed by Abel Bainnson Butz, the new section of park brings Gantry Plaza to 10 acres of waterfront open space. With Macy’s fireworks moving north up the Hudson this year, those new lounge chairs and hammocks could be a perfect place to watch. Check ’em out after the jump.


New Part of Gantry Park Looking Cool for a Hot LIC Summer

Curbed New York | June 18, 2009

 The slow northward expansion of Gantry Plaza State Park up to the EastCoast towers in Queens West....

DSC04484 TouchUp.jpg

Forget the Hamptons: Hunters Point Shaping Up for Summer

New York Curbed | April 24, 2009

Blog liQcity updates us on the expansion of Long Island City's Gantry Plaza State Park up into the waterfront area near the Queens West towers...

cove 3.jpg

3,200 Apartments to Be Built In Glow of Giant Pepsi Sign

New York Times | September 24, 2003

Those on the riverside will abut the waterfront park, which is being designed by Abel Bainnson Butz. ''You will live in the park, not across the street from it,'' Mr. McMillan said.


A Piece of Hudson Riverfront Is Reclaimed for the People

New York Times | May 31, 2003

With Howard G. Abel of Abel Bainnson Butz as the landscape architect, the project used several structural approaches to create a sturdy park designed to resist the abuse of thousands of users for 50 years. 


Streetscapes/The Broadway Malls, from 60th to 168th Street; Green Oases On Boulevard Of Commerce

New York Times | December 15, 2002

Abel Bainnson Butz rebuilt many of the malls with sloping concrete walls. The goal, said Howard Abel, a partner in the firm, was to discourage pedestrians from crossing Broadway through the plantings, redirect errant cars back onto the roadway and retain more rainfall in the plots. 

Community garden_retouch.jpg

BLOCKS; Streets Vanish From Master Plans

New York Times | June 06, 2002

And at the north end of the 74-acre Queens West project on the East River, the Rockrose Development Corporation has won approval to consolidate what were to have been four discrete new city blocks into a single waterfront park with apartment towers and stub-end streets along one edge.

47th Street 07.jpg

CURRENTS: STREETSCAPE; In the Sky With Diamonds

New York Times | June 3, 1999

Howard Abel of Abel Bainnson Butz, the Manhattan architectural firm that designed the lights, said that the fixtures were made of two sheets of translucent acrylic, into which more than 5,000 glass marbles were placed ''so that the lights really sparkle like diamonds.''

Riverbank State Park 31.jpg

ARCHITECTURE VIEW; When Is A Roof Not a Roof?

New York Times | April 10, 1994

The landscaping, by the New York firm Abel Bainnson Butz, doesn't fight the flatness of the rooftop site with undue displays of pastoral imagery. Instead, the tree-lined terraces and promenades create a lofty platform for enjoying what New York's early-19th-century planners envisioned as the city's major open space: the Hudson River.

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