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Bushwick Inlet Park, Motiva
Rendered View of Bushwick Inlet Park, Motiva
Bushwick Inlet Park South Axon
Bushwick_Inlet_Park_Central Axon
Bushwick Inlet Park North Axon


Anticipated 2024

Project Area

1.9 Acres

Construction Cost

$10 million


NYC Parks


Location Pin

This linear waterfront park extends around a 1.9-acre portion of Bushwick Inlet's sheltered waters and remediates a post-industrial landscape while restoring local ecologies. A crucial component for the realization of a larger, continuous Bushwick Inlet Park, the City purchased the land along the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront from Motiva Enterprises, an oil and gas company. 


The design is inspired by the site’s earliest history, when the area was a mix of meadows, forest uplands, and salt marshes at the water’s edge. The project stabilizes the water’s edge through naturalized shoreline treatments and provides opportunities for passive recreation in the upland areas. Undulating, organic geometries of resilient shoreline integrate high and low marsh tidal wetland plantings interweaving organically positioned revetment to stabilize the shoreline. An accessible pathway meanders from a lookout point at the southern tip of the site along the waterfront towards the heart of the site, which features a sand-area for launching kayaks. The northwest edge of Motiva's esplanade allows for a connection to the future Monitor Museum.

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