Project Area

1 acre


Construction Cost




Hudson River Park Trust



The transformative design for Phase II of Chelsea Waterside Park reimagines the park as a destination, deemphasizing the former grand pathway leading to the waterfront. The new park refocuses the design on the interior providing the neighborhood more green space with new programming and the reconstruction of the synthetic turf athletic field.


The curvilinear pathway system of Phase 2 will complement the neighboring park's geometries with curved custom benches, seating alcoves created with salvaged wood seating, and large hills of open lawns to lounge on. The expansion of the dog run provides two separate sections for both large and small dogs, accommodating the growing number of residents using one of the most popular local destination points within Chelsea Waterside. Colorful mounds with repurposed granite will form hills for the dogs to climb and exercise on. The granite blocks will also be used for seating throughout the park. A new comfort station with a solar paneled roof will form the new hub of the park. The plantings will be redistributed and enhanced to create pollinator gardens along with new formal and informal seating areas. 

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