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Project Area

4,000 SF


Construction Cost

$1 million



Brack Capital Real Estate


Location Pin

Located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, CitizenM Bowery is a 20-story, 300-room hotel and the tallest modular-construction hotel project in the world. ABB provided urban design and landscape architectural services for the Delancey Street public plaza. The design distills the essential qualities of the city and its parks into an inviting urban space. The outcome, a green oasis with a vibrant creative art scene, offers refuge from the commotion of the lively neighborhood.

The plaza consists of an intimate seating area with sustainably-harvested IPE wood decking, raised wood planters, a long continuous stone bench, and integrated backed and backless wood benches. Honey Locust trees provide dappled shade across the site, and an eleven-foot-tall stainless steel mesh trellis forms the framework for vine plantings along the northern property line. Rectangular niches within the trellis display artwork and provide accent lighting during evening hours. An uplit canvas for public artwork also functions as nighttime illumination across the site.

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