Anticipated 2023


Project Area

30,000 SF


Construction Cost

$24 million




Del Valle Plaza

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Del Valle Plaza was one of the most dangerous intersections in the Bronx with a car crash rate among the top 10% in the Borough. The refreshed and reconfigured design of both the plaza and adjacent streets will create a safer intersection and meet the Mayor's Vision Zero objectives by restoring Del Valle Square and surrounding streetscape, improving safety, increasing transit and bicycle connectivity, and transforming the plaza into a vibrant, accessible public space. The plaza design includes an exclusive bicycle greenway and adjusts site geometries to improve traffic flow and create larger, safer areas for community gatherings such as farmer's markets and cultural events such as small concerts or dance performances by local groups. Pedestrian and bicycle desire lines through the plaza were recorded and studied and used in the development of the design. A combination of gray pavers of varying gradients will reinforce the spatial definition of the upper and lower plazas through a gradual transition from dark to light. 


The plaza is amid an MTA transit hub—it is situated above the Hunts Point Avenue 6-train subway station and served by four bus lines, which yields heavy pedestrian traffic. It is also in the center of high-volumes of vehicular traffic due to its proximity to Bruckner Boulevard. The project requires advanced design, technical proficiency, and coordination between ABB, DDC, DOT, DPR, MTA, and several community stakeholders to yield an inviting, safe, pedestrian-friendly, and sustainable public square.