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Project Area

43,300 SF


Construction Cost




Pershing Square Capital Mgmt, LLP


Hells Kitchen Corporate Terrace is located on Eleventh Avenue between 54th and 55th Street in the Hell’s Kitchen section of Manhattan. This project includes a two-story, 33,000 SF penthouse addition to an existing 8-story building. Setback requirements for the building addition create a 10,300 SF linear terrace on the ninth floor and panoramic views of the city. 

ABB provided landscape design and construction administration services for this project. ABB’s design of the terrace establishes the spatial organization of open space elements along with the existing and proposed architectural features. The terrace accentuates views and vistas of the city while covering the western view of the taller neighboring building with green screens. The terrace incorporates a variety of spaces for everyday use, outdoor meetings, contemplative spaces, and a space to host events. The scope includes planting, furnishings, irrigation, lighting, and architectural features.