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Project Area

12,000 SF


Construction Cost

$1 million



NYC Parks

Ogden Plimpton Playground

Location Pin

Located in the Highbridge Neighborhood of the Bronx, Ogden Plimpton Playground is part of Mayor DeBlasio’s Community Parks Initiative (CPI). The CPI program makes an immediate investment in neighborhood parks that have faced the most historic disinvestment (limited funding in the past 20 years) and serve dense, growing populations.

ABB worked closely with community members and stakeholder groups through visioning workshops and presentations to understand their programming vision and desires for the complete reconstruction of the playground. The new playground boasts a safe, inviting, colorful, and accessible playground for children of all ages and their caregivers. The reconstructed playground incorporates numerous seating opportunities, challenging age-appropriate playground equipment, vibrant safety surfacing, a spray shower area, colorful half basketball court, and perimeter planted areas that provide screening and shade.

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