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Project Area

5,800 SF


Construction Cost

$1.6 million




PS 78Q | Robert F. Wagner School

Location Pin

The design vocabulary of PS 78Q draws inspiration from the neighboring 12-acre, Gantry Plaza State Park, also designed by ABB. The playground ties into the adjacent park’s color palette, pulling from a wide array of bright colors to create the vibrant safety surfacing and green perimeter fencing with interactive play panels. The playground has three primary zones: red and black mini-mounds and rubber play balls, a physically challenging play structure at the center, and an elliptical quiet zone located at the far end of the playground.


Play elements were designed to accommodate children under the age of five. Non-traditional play equipment and fun elements such as ‘talk tubes’ provide a unique experience for children. The bright perimeter green fence obscures the view of the playground from the adjacent parking lot for added safety, while providing glimpses of the tranquil riverfront park through the mesh fence on the opposite end.  

image credit: DNA info; QNS; ABB

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