Project Area

7,800 SF

Construction Cost

$1 million


Extell Development Company


Riverside South is a luxury urban development located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. ABB designed seven courtyards for the high-rise Towers within this residential complex. Tower I’s courtyard acts as a visual centerpiece between the east and west building entrance, creating the illusion of a building developed around an idyllic woodland environment. An intimate patio area is visible from most of the main floor common spaces, the surrounding interior facing apartments, and the green roof above.

The courtyard is also accessible from doors at either end and offers movable tables and chairs for residents who want to enjoy a quiet gathering place. The 7th Floor Terrace provides a common area where building residents can lounge in the sun or meet under a wood arbor structure. Plantings and screen walls create a sense of privacy, in a space with a view overlooking the mature public park below.


image credit: John Mini Distinctive Landscapes

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