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Project Area

2.5 Acres

Construction Cost

$2.3 million


NYC Parks


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St. Mary's Park is the largest park in the heart of the south Bronx. The renovation of this 2.5-acre playground on the northwest edge of the larger 35-acre park expands active recreation within the project limits while providing new and enhanced programming. Features include a large play area for children ages 2-5 and 5-12, an enhanced spray shower area, reconstructed basketball and tennis courts, a new adult fitness area, relocated sports lighting, preservation of large existing trees, and new seating areas. 

ABB selected a natural color palette for the safety surfacing, play equipment, and athletic courts to complement the surrounding park. A colorful, multi-purpose play area includes painted games and a tricycle track for younger children. The reconfiguration of the athletic courts at the north end of the site allowed for their expansion and reconfiguration as well as the addition of more trees. 

image credit: NYC DPR/ABB

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