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Get to Know Tyler Newborn, ISA, LEED 


What do you do at ABB?

Landscape Designer and Arborist

What’s one project you’re working/worked on that you’re excited about?

Bushwick Inlet Park – There is a lot of change happening in this neighborhood and a lot of opportunity to improve the park and waterfront.

What kind of music do you like to listen to while you're designing?

I'm normally listening to either Doc Watson radio or French hip-hop.

What helps you stay focused?

The built project! There’s nothing like seeing an idea you once doodled be brought to life and enjoyed by others.

What’s your favorite design resource to reference and why?

I like scrolling through #graffiti on Instagram. Graffiti culture and urban design do not exist without each other. I’m inspired by the uninhibited nature of the art and seeing spaces with a different perspective is always enlightening.

Do you have any Netflix recommendations for us?

Mad Men… if anyone still hasn’t watched it.

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